Do you need help with Probate?  

If you have been recently bereaved, Custom Probate Services Ltd can help. 
If you’ve been named as an executor in someone’s will it’s your responsibility to sort out probate – the job of administering the deceased’s estate. This can be a difficult task to take on when you’re still grieving. It can also be time-consuming, especially if there are numerous beneficiaries and a large estate to deal with. For some executors, dealing with probate simply feels beyond their expertise and they’d much rather pass it onto a professional. 
That’s where Custom Probate come in. They are probate specialists and can carry out some, or all, of your duties as an executor on your behalf. 
They can:- 
Sell or transfer property 
Probate applications 
Close bank accounts and investments 
Deal with HMRC 
Distribute items/possessions 
Check inheritance tax 
Notify bill providers 
Calculate and distribute the estate to beneficiaries 
Rehome pets 
Arrange house clearance 
Connell has with Custom Probate since 2018 and came to us from an accountancy background.  
Connell brings the same level of expertise and care as that you've come to expect from Custom Wills Ltd to clients and he will be happy to help you with your enquiries.  
“We really appreciated Nicola's personal and professional service after our friend passed away, leaving us as her executors. Nicola stepped in and guided us through the bewildering process, all the formalities and the protracted house sale. We would have been lost without her help.” 
Jeremy, London 
“Nicola and the probate team were friendly and approachable and handled probate for my sister’s will with sensitivity and efficiency; it made the whole process much easier and less stressful for us at what was a difficult time. We would not hesitate to recommend them.” 
Dorothy, Bedfordshire 
If you’d like help with probate or have any questions, please contact Connell directly on 01767 682609 or email 
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