Trusts – they’re not just for the rich  

Once upon a time, trusts were considered something only the landed gentry and the mega-rich had. Well now they’re actually pretty common – taken out by astute people like you who want to protect their hard-earned assets for their loved ones. 
If you don’t want the government grabbing all your money for inheritance tax or your grandchildren being disinherited, you might want to think about organising a trust. 
Having a trust in place can help your family in lots of way:- 
With assets ready for them in a trust, your beneficiaries won’t have to wait for probate when you’re gone. 
A trust can prevent your inheritance being lost to care home fees. 
Modern family life can be messy. Without a trust, divorce and remarriage could jeopardise your grandchildren’s inheritance. 
A trust will stop creditors seizing any inheritance from your beneficiaries. 
If you want your money to stay within your family talk to Custom Wills. There are different types of trust available and we can guide you through the options and advise you on the right one for you. As part of our professional service, all our trusts are drawn up by a specialist legal company

Estate planning – making the most of your assets 

While you’re talking to us about trusts, you may want to discuss other ways of looking after your assets. 
With our estate planning service, we can advise you on things like tax-efficient ways of gifting to your children, tax breaks for married couples and how to ensure your loved ones receive the maximum inheritance after your death. 
Come to Custom Wills and we’ll show you how to make the most of your assets now as well as when you’re gone. 
To chat about trusts and estate planning, contact us on 01767 682609 or 
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